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Statistics on sex trade workers are hard to collect, due to social taboos, therefore data collection has many problems.

To help gather more inclusive data please go to 

Providers Median Income

39,500$ - 42,000$

Don't believe us.

well lets do some math.

Let's say the average rate for a 1 hour call is 260$

Let's say you make an average of 3 calls a week 

that equals 40,560$ a year.


Median Income for an average Canadian 50,000$

The point we are trying to make is  that money can be an addiction and with support and assistance you can start saving and transitioning into a new role. 

What is a Service Providers Income?


Website for

"A private side hustle tailored to help service providers keep more of their hard earned $$$"

Pineapple Party

What is Pineapple Party?

Pineapple Party is a start up project for women, men and identity no conforming individuals who have found themselves providing a taboo service and are now looking for a smooth exit to the industry.

The truth is, taking those steps can be hard...

What we have found to be the largest factor that gets in the way of your smooth transition is $$$ . Many people who find themselves trying to change their life style do so by starting  to cut personal costs. But serves aren't free, and the perception that service providers break the bank is just not true. From dog sitting to marketing, business are up-charging for almost everything.

That is why we created Pineapple Party.


Websites can be expensive and in a world of fast porn and short attention spans there is no data collection or marketing statistics that prove an expensive website in this industry gives your business the return you are looking for.

So sign up for a 350$ basic website, save money and in turn help support other services for your peers.


Taking advantage of the

numerous online website making platforms we make a basic site and buy you a basic no ad plan. Ranging from 9 - 50$ a month.


We purchase you a domain name averaging from 8 - 20$ for one year with a renewal option.

Set up basic google analytics, keywords and stats you can access whenever you want.




Your website is complete and everything is handed off to you to manage, update and look after from now on.


Are you ready to re-enter the work force? Even taking up a part time gig can get you on the right path. Money leftover from website purchases goes towards our resume creation service.


Contact us to find out how to get started.

Do you offer a service you can offer at a low rate? Please contact us and we will add you to our list.

If you don't need a resume or website but like what we are trying to accomplish then please donate. Once we get going all $$$ delegated will be released.


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What does 350$ get you


So What Gives?

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